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  • Chitvan Vrindavan
  • Chitvan Vrindavan
  • Chitvan Vrindavan
  • Chitvan Vrindavan

Property Type : Residential

Posted on : 10/06/2014

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Rukamani Vihar, Vrindavan

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Project Overview

Chitvan Vrindavan

Strongly Recommends CHITVAN VRINDAVAN - LORD KRISHNA'S ABODE. This divine land offers a holistic stay amidst the serene tranquillity of vrindavan. Encapsulating modernity, divinity and soulfulness, Here you can enjoy the materialistic luxuries of the modern world, while discovering the riches of spiritual world within. Here, you don’t just exist, but grow better every day in every way.
Chitvan Vrindavan offering pleasant environment area with unit of Studio Apartment & 1/2/3 BHK Apartments with different floor plans from 545 Sq Ft to 1485 Sq Ft.
Chitvan has been designed to facilitate the free flow of air and natural light into each room. Unmatched planning is aptly complimented with efficient space management, a rare combination of aesthetics and practical sense. From modern fixtures to futuristic technologies, everything has been designed to provide the residents of this abode that extra edge.

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